This page is dedicated to glorifying God through the word of our testimony. These are only some of the ways we’ve seen God move in power in our midst. There are many other testimonies.

Mark 11:22-24    So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask for when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

May your faith be built as you read these testimonies. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Jesus isn’t in a church building. He resides in believers, through His Spirit. Much of what we do is not at a meeting, but during life. It’s at the grocery store, or the bank, or anywhere else we go where there’s people. We give words of knowledge, wisdom, administer healing, deliverance, etc. as the Holy Spirit leads. The testimonies listed here do not include most of what we do day-by-day, but these are here that your faith may be built up and you may trust God and do the works He’s commanded you to do.


October 2019 – Report from a disciple: “I was at a gathering of mostly believers. I felt like God wanted to heal someone’s wrist, but I wasn’t sure. So, I asked Holy Spirit. He said to me, ‘You won’t know unless you try.’ So, I went up front and called out a hurt wrist. At first no one came up, but I said, “it’s a word of knowledge. It’s a definite healing if you come up.” So, a woman came up and a man in the back raised his hand. I held the woman’s wrist and had someone else touch the man (many people laid hands on him) and commanded the pain and injury gone. She felt heat immediately, which is a frequent sign of healing. He didn’t feel anything. I prayed twice more for him and do not know how he is doing. However, the woman talked to me later and she was healed! She had had a bump and pain for about 13 years and the doctors didn’t know what it could be, but the LORD completely healed her. Then as I was reading the Scriptures a very short time later that day, the LORD showed me this verse: “Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” I believed and He fulfilled His word. Praise God!”

October 2019 – A woman whose dog is old and ill woke up in the middle of the night and heard the Holy Spirit tell her to go check on her dog. She got up and went over to him. He was stiff and not breathing. She put her hand on him, by the direction of the Lord, and he gasped and started breathing again and suffered no ill effects! Raising a dog from the dead?  Sure, all things are possible in Christ Jesus! Praise God!

October 2019 – A woman hadn’t slept well in three days because her dog kept coughing. We spoke to the cough and commanded it to stop in the name of the LORD, according to the word of the LORD. The next day she texted that she had slept better. We asked how the cough was and she was so surprised because she hadn’t told us that she had a cough, but it had been healed! Ha ha! We call that a bank shot because we thought we were speaking to the dog’s cough, but her cough left as well. Praise God!

October 2019 – During a worship session a young girl heard the Holy Spirit tell her that someone would come and pray for her to give her something she needed. One of our intercessors then heard the Holy Spirit tell her to go and lay hands on that particular girl for boldness. She went up to her and asked if she could pray for her, all the while totally unaware that the Holy Spirit had already spoken to the girl. Afterwards, the girl testified that she had neighbors who were “bad” and she had been apprehensive about approaching them with righteousness. She needed boldness! And that’s just what Jesus gave her! Praise God!

October 2019 – An intercessor heard a word of knowledge about family trouble for a young person, but he was only given the young person’s middle name. He passed the word along to someone who would encounter young people that day. She took that word and asked who’s middle name it was. One person raised their hand, so she asked if she could pray with them. They were amazed at the word of knowledge and knew that God saw their problems and was doing something about it! Praise God!

October 2019 – A woman who cares for a disabled person lost power. She texted for prayer. Minutes after the prayer, the report came back that the power came back on! Praise God!

September 2019 – Three people healed of colds after prayer!

September 2019 – one of our intercessors woke to hear the LORD telling her, “Just watch for My hand today and give Me praise.” Towards the end of the day, something fell through that she had been working on for a long time. She felt peace and not at all upset. Within an hour, the LORD brought another plan to her that was way better than the first one. He reminded her of the word given to her that morning and she and those associated with her and this whole thing gave the LORD praise! He’s so good! He always works for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

September 2019 –  A word of knowledge given to a man who was selling his business and moving to Florida. He didn’t know what he was going to do there. The LORD told one of His disciples that this man liked wood-working. The person did not know the man and asked him if it was so. The man was so shocked and said yes he did and his wife thought he should work with wood for a living. Ha ha! The Holy Spirit confirmed the word to the man’s heart. The disciple was able to give encouragement to the man regarding what the LORD was speaking for his future and pray with him. Praise God!

September 2019 – A word of knowledge regarding artistic-ness given to a stranger at a bank. The person was shocked and the intercessor was able to share Jesus with them. Praise God for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, boldness, and faith!

September 2019 – Someone with such intense pain in one of their feet that they had a hard time walking healed.

September 2019 – Two people had one leg that was shorter than the other. The LORD grew out each leg to be the same length as the normal leg. This only took seconds. Amazing.

September 2019 – A woman requested prayer for her family. Some of the members weren’t even speaking to each other. The very next day family members who hadn’t spoken were speaking and taking pictures with each other, and so much more!

September 2019 – A man had tingling in his hand – his thumb and first finger for about a month. He asked for prayer and the tingling left. He kept trying to see if it was there throughout the day, but it just wasn’t! Praise God!

September 2019 – A woman was dealing with intermittent pain in her right leg/ankle by where the tendon attaches. She would get sharp pains periodically. She asked for prayer and the intercessor saw something frayed. He commanded it to bind together again and another intercessor heard “ghost pain.” She commanded that to go, and the pain left after these two words were spoken over her! The pain never came back. Thank You Jesus! He has sent forth His Word and healed us!

August 2019 – Two intercessors noticed a woman with a boot-cast on her foot. They approached her and asked her if they could pray. She was so grateful and they shared encouraging words from the Holy Spirit with her and prayed for her for so much more than just her foot. It turns out this woman was despairing and this encounter turned her around and brought her focus back to Jesus, so that by the end of their time together the woman prayed for the two intercessors and blessed them in return!

August 2019 – A queasy stomach healed quickly after prayer.

August 2019 – One of our out-of-state intercessors called with several praise reports. She prayed Hurricane Dorian would move out of the path of her home, and it did. She prayed that a woman she cares for would be taken to a shelter where there would be power when the hurricane came and she was. She prayed many other things and they were all answered, so she was thanking the LORD for answering her prayers all with a “yes.” The Holy Spirit told her that all her prayers were “yes” because she was praying according to His will. This is so important! This is why we always ask the Holy Spirit how to pray. He says we are to know His will and how can we know without asking? We must ask and then pray accordingly and we will see amazing things happen. Thank You Jesus! All the promises of God are “yes” in Christ and in Him “amen” to the glory of God through us!

August 2019 – One of our intercessors prayed for the LORD to show him the second wave of revival that would overtake the first one. He wanted to see the end times revival. That very night, a different intercessor had a dream that directly answered his prayer. The LORD showed her the revival. It was made up almost exclusively of youth. The message preached was how Jesus had fulfilled the Law for us and how He had died for us and now we reap the benefits from what He has done. Everywhere youth were being set free, healed, saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Many people were helping with the revival and those who weren’t were mostly just bypassed because the Spirit was moving and we had to keep up. It was amazingly wonderful!

August 2019 – A child complained of a hurt back. The intercessor asked how to pray and heard the Holy Spirit say tell the child to hang from her arms/hands from a doorway or something and the back will be healed. She did so and was healed! Praise God!

August 2019 – A common occurrence in following the Holy Spirit is knowing things you couldn’t know on your own. One example is when we were having a meeting and someone was talking about a Scripture they had read. They didn’t remember where it was, but another person heard where to go in the Bible and it was right there. Another example, is when an intercessor was in line at the supermarket. She asked the Holy Spirit for a word for the cashier. She heard the word “fight” or “fighter.” She asked the man about it and he immediately said yes. He was not a physical fighter, but spiritually was in a battle. She prayed with him accordingly. We bless God for these types of things. We have no wisdom or understanding on our own. Only through the Holy Spirit can we truly know or understand things. Praise Jesus!

August 2019 – A teenager was having trouble sleeping. The Holy Spirit showed the intercessor how to pray and the next day she slept a long, long time!

August 2019 – Someone who has been very busy asked Jesus for more time with thanksgiving, for He had been showing her to ask with thanksgiving, according to Philippians, and she received unexpectedly two free hours the very next day!

August 2019 – A woman had lost her fingernail many years ago and it never grew back. She mentioned her “ugly” finger to one of our intercessors. The intercessor grabbed hold of the finger and commanded that nail to grow back in the name of Jesus. We were just sent a photo from the woman and the nail is growing back! 

August 2019 – A young woman who works with small children prayed that one of the little boys she had taken care of previously would come back to the nursery. He hadn’t been there for a long time. The very next Sunday, he was the first child to come in the room. It brought the woman to tears. Praise God!

August 2019 – A little girl was going to horse camp and there was a particular horse she wanted, but she had that horse for two years in a row. She is rather tall, and the horse is rather small, so she and her mother thought another, smaller child would probably need that horse and so they didn’t bother to ask the ranchers if they could have the girl’s favorite horse to use during horse camp. However, Father knows our hearts and loves to bless us. He gave the little girl the horse she wanted anyway! Praise God. It blessed the girl; she was so happy and it made her mother cry.

August 2019 – A man who has to go to various schools to keep up with certification for his work was told by his boss that he should try this new school in Witchita, KS. The boss said the school was only 3 days long instead of a week. However, the man felt the Holy Spirit telling him not to do it. So, he didn’t. Sometime later a co-worker went to the Witchita school. It turned out that the 3 day school took  5 days because of flights and had the man gone to that school, he would have been gone at least 5 days instead of the 3 advertised. Praise God that the Holy Spirit always shows us what to do and that this man listened!

July 2019 – deliverances and healings, words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit happened this month throughout.

July 2019 – One of our prayer partners from another state was having a great amount of snakes in her yard, some poisonous, some not. One particular snake was aggressive and would follow her around the yard, waiting for her at the bottom of the steps, etc. She was very upset and called in for prayer. We commanded the snake to leave and she hasn’t seen it since that day! Praise God!

July 2019 – An intercessor bought something online. It was full price, but she felt led to buy it anyway. It came, but it was the wrong size, so she had to go to the store to exchange it. While she was there, the Holy Spirit told her to ask the clerk if she had pain in her back. The clerk said yes, and the woman was able to pray for her healing and God even gave her the exchanged item at about half the price she had originally paid for it!

July 2019 – One of our partners is in a difficult situation. He saw a way out, but the Holy Spirit told him not to go that way. He followed the voice of the LORD and because of that, he suffers and his family suffers. However, he feels very blessed and continues to praise the LORD, knowing God’s way is the best way.

July 2019 – One of our prayer partners had feet that hurt her constantly. She wore special shoes, even in the house. She went to the store to get new shoes, but decided to stand in faith for her healing. Each time the pain came, she rebuked it and confessed she is healed in the name of Jesus. After a time, she decided to take the shoes back to the store and get her money back. She never wore the shoes and decided she didn’t need them because she was healed! Praise God!

July 2019 – Jesus aligned a man’s leg. The left one was shorter than the right one. It was causing him great pain. It took about 3 seconds for God to heal it! He’s the Great Chiropractor and Surgeon! The man was praising God for painless walking and running.

June 2019 – Someone had bug bites all over their feet. They texted in for prayer and within an hour, there were no signs of any bites whatsoever!

June 2019 – Jesus had been teaching a woman that had been struggling with sleep issues to walk in faith regarding that. He said when she woke up tired, to praise God that she wasn’t tired. She reports that she does this and it works! It’s really miraculous. She also has been sleeping better as she rests in the LORD and learns to not be anxious and not complain about not sleeping, but instead have faith.

June 2019 – A woman delivered from anxiety and fear after hearing a word from the LORD through an intercessor. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. As soon as we hear a word from God, we have faith and are delivered! Thank You Jesus!

June 2019 – A woman needing surgery on her colon no longer needed it after prayer and hands were laid on her for healing. Acts 3:16 says, “And His name, through faith in His name, has made this man strong, whom you see and know. Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all.” It is faith in Jesus that heals! Amen!

June 2019 – A man’s left leg was shorter than the other and it grew out after hands were laid on him. Praise Jesus!

June 2019 – A woman who had knee surgery 11 days ago reported improvement right after prayer in Jesus’ name.

June 2019 – A young boy testifies that when he hurt his leg, one of our intercessors laid hands on him and it got a lot better. Thank You Jesus!

June 2019 – A man was having pain in his calf when he ran, so we sat him down and had him stretch out his legs. The left leg was considerably shorter. Holding his feet, the intercessor commanded the left leg to grow out and it did! Thank you Jesus! He immediately felt relief.

June 2019 – Two cases of poison ivy healed! In one case, the poison ivy was completely gone by the next day. In the second case, the poison ivy took longer to leave, but the bumps diminished quickly and never itched! Not once! Praise God!

May 2019 – A woman was walking and heard a loud crack in the trees. She bowed her head slightly and covered her head with her hands. A limb crashed down right on top of her, hitting her arms and bouncing off onto her leg and then on the trail. She didn’t fall, but had the wind knocked out of her. She knew she had to stand in faith immediately and so, unable to speak out loud, she whispered, “I’m healed in Jesus’ name. I’m healed in Jesus name. Pain go.” She then reached for her phone and called an intercessor who immediately started praying with her. Healing started coming immediately. There were wounds on her, but in no way what they should have been and they healed quickly.  Praise God!

May 2019 – A man got bit by what appears to have been a poisonous spider. He woke up with his thumb swelled up and his wife killed a large spider, believed to be a brown recluse (they live in Florida and call in for prayers). We prayed with the wife over the phone and the man was completely healed!

May 2019 – A woman had been praying for her husband to desire the LORD and follow Him. We prayed with her several times and she also surrendered her own thoughts and feelings to the LORD. God did a work in the woman and in her husband. He is now seeking after God and praying and worshiping the LORD! She is kinder and more patient and loving toward her husband. Praise God!

May 2019 – A woman asked for prayer for a sore shoulder. It was painful all day and she couldn’t turn her head to look that direction over her shoulder. The intercessor laid hands on her shoulder and commanded the pain out in Jesus’ name. She said the pain was less, but still there. He laid hands on her shoulder again and commanded it to leave again. The pain left completely and she was completely restored in the name of the LORD!

May 2019 – Got a praise today that a woman we had previously prayed for received part of the answer already. We received a word of knowledge for the woman that she wanted to be an accountant and the LORD wanted her to finish school for that. However, she told us she had used up all her financial aid and didn’t have any more money. We prayed for the money to come in. The next time we saw her, she said her credit score had gone way up for no apparent reason! We prayed with her again and expect the money to come. Thank You Jesus!

May 2019 – A woman was feeling a sore throat around supper time and could feel the weakness and tiredness that comes on with sickness. She rebuked it repeatedly and asked for prayer from an intercessor. He also rebuked it and commanded healing in the name of Jesus. The sickness was completely gone by the middle of the night! Praise God!

May 2019 – A young girl had a hurt wrist. Hands were laid on for healing. The intercessor commanded healing several times before the wrist was pain free. Remember that healing is a battle, but it’s one that is already won by Jesus! Keep fighting until you see victory!

May 2019 – An ear that had been plugged was opened after hands laid on for healing and commanding it to open. This took several attempts. The ear opened slightly the first time, so the intercessor and the person with the plugged ear kept persisting until it was completely open. Thank You Jesus!

May 2019 – A woman had a sore bump on her gums in her mouth. She laid hands on herself and so did another person. They commanded it to go in Jesus’ name. A short time later it was completely gone!

April 2019 – A fun testimony about what it’s like to walk with the Holy Spirit… someone says, “I brought my vehicle into the repair shop. They said it would be an hour to fix it, so I took a walk because I didn’t want to sit in the waiting room listening to the nonsense on TV. I knew how much time I had to walk, but I felt like I was supposed to turn around much earlier than that. I turned around and came back to the waiting room. I had barely sat on the chair, when the guy came and called my name and said my vehicle was ready! I just love being led by the Holy Spirit!”

April 2019 – One of our intercessors was taking a walk and the Holy Spirit drew his attention to a woman in her yard with her dog. The dog was barking and the man noticed the woman because of this. She was in a wheelchair and he went up to her and said something must be wrong with her and could he pray for her? She was thankful and agreed. He rebuked the evil spirit causing MS in this woman and commanded her to be healed. Then he told her to start walking. She got up and walked! He continued to minister healing and deliverance to her and told her what the Holy Spirit was telling him – things like forgiveness, no guilt or condemnation in Christ, and to ask the LORD about self-hate. The woman was overcome. She was crying and crying. Praise Jesus! He is our Healer and Deliverer!

April 2019 – A woman was working with a horse and it stepped on her foot and stood there. It was a very large horse and it took her a brief time to get the horse shoved off her foot. The pain was great, but she commanded it to leave her and all the symptoms to go. She declared herself healed in Jesus’ name. She quickly texted her prayer partner and continued walking around the barn declaring healing. Then she went back to the horse and finished grooming it. She could still feel pain, but it had lessened. She waited to look at the foot for a while because she said she didn’t want to bring doubt to her faith by looking with her natural eyes. By the time she did look, it just looked red. There was no bruising, bleeding, or swelling. She finished her work in the barn and later that night looked again. One of the toes was starting to swell, so she commanded it to stop and declared herself healed again because of what Jesus has done. The toe never swelled. The foot never became bruised! Her foot is completely healed! Praise God!!!

April 2019 – Someone was feeling a cold trying to come on them. They commanded it to leave and asked someone else to pray. They went to bed and woke up completely well.

April 2019 – A woman was feeling ill. She declared Jesus was her healer and that she didn’t get sick because Jesus paid for it. She commanded it to leave. Within 2 hours, the symptoms were completely gone! Praise God! Always resist the devil and he will flee from you! Keep resisting until he does.

April 2019 – A man asked for prayer for a sore throat. We laid hands on him and commanded the sickness to die in Jesus’ name. Someone also heard for him to take a little Zinc. He did and went home. Throughout the night, he would wake up and his throat would be hurting, so he would command it to go and declare Jesus already bore sickness for him. By morning, the sore throat was completely gone! Praise God!

April 2019 – A man texted in for prayer. He said his teeth ached, and the pain moved around, like it was not one tooth, but several. The intercessor heard “phantom spirit.” She commanded the spirit out and declared the teeth healed and better than before. The man messaged shortly later that the pain was completely gone! Praise God!

March 2019 – A man completely healed of cancer!

March 2019 – A woman was getting sharp pains in her right temple. She rebuked it and it went away. Later it came back and so she asked for prayer. An intercessor saw a demon squeezing the blood vein. He commanded the devil out and the blood to flow properly. The pain went and she has been fine since. Praise God!

March 2019 – SGGM got to participate in a revival at a school. It was amazing! The Holy Spirit was poured out. Many children were delivered, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Many committed their lives to Jesus. Praise God!

March 2019 – A man was having trouble sleeping over days and even weeks. In the past, he would have really felt sorry for himself and gone into self-pity and perhaps even irritation. However, he decided to trust in the LORD and believe that Jesus truly is all he needs. Each day, he had a good attitude, was filled with faith and love and kept his eyes on Jesus.

March 2019 – A child was having severe stomach pain. We laid hands on her and commanded the pain to leave. We kept doing it until it left. The pain tried to come back maybe 3 times over a week or two and each time, someone laid hands on her and commanded the pain to go and the enemy to leave her alone. Each time she was healed – in the natural it is inexplicable. However, we know the authority and power the LORD has given His children to bring heaven to earth. Jesus is the Healer and the pain has not returned again.

March 2019 – A woman has an older small dog that she noticed had a large hard mass under his chin. She knew that it was likely cancer and she prayed to the LORD about it. She told the LORD that she knew the dog was old, but she loved him and wanted him to live. She laid hands on the dog and prayed. Then she went to lay down and told the LORD she trusted Him no matter what. She heard the Holy Spirit tell her to go check her dog. So, she got up and checked her dog. The hard mass was completely gone! A complete miracle! Praise Jesus!

March 2019 – A woman was having tightness in the back of her legs. It was so intense and painful, she had pain walking and couldn’t really run because her legs wouldn’t lift up high enough. This went on for weeks. The LORD told an intercessor to have her increase her potassium intake. She did and saw some improvement. Then another intercessor laid hands on her and immediately the pain started leaving and the muscles started relaxing. It’s been several days since then and the symptoms are almost completely gone after weeks of pain! Praise Jesus!

February 2019 – A man having cold symptoms healed of everything after prayer!

February 2019 – A man was going into a specialist for a fractured ankle. The intercessor commanded no break and the report came back that the ankle wasn’t broken, but was just sprained. Halleluiah! The LORD healed that ankle and the report came back better!

February 2019 – A woman’s left foot was swelled and irritated. She commanded the pain to leave and noticed some time later that it was completely gone! She didn’t even notice that it had left and she didn’t stay off the foot or anything. She acted as though she was healed and she was in Jesus’ name 🙂

February 2019 – A woman went in for stitches and had to have a tetnus shot. The area of the shot was causing her great pain and she started to experience anxiety. She texted for prayer and the pain left and so did the anxiety!! Praise God 🙂

January 2019 – A couple of weeks ago a woman’s vehicle’s maintenance light came on and then when she was trying to stop, the engine started revving and trying to go forward with the brake on. She quickly pulled into a parking lot and turned off the vehicle. Then she laid hands on the dashboard, plead the blood of Jesus over her vehicle and commanded that it would work until God provided something better in the name of Jesus! She drove home with no issues. She told her husband what happened and he took it in to have it looked at. The report came back that there is nothing wrong with her vehicle. Praise God! The prayer of faith …

January 2019 – A woman had bad abdominal pain. She sent in a prayer request and the intercessor saw a vision of a screen passing through her body where the ick was strained out and Jesus had judged it and sent it back to hell. She immediately started to feel better and after a short while was completely better! Thank You Jesus!

January 2019 – A child had a stye in her eye. She was prayed for with hands laid on, but it didn’t go away right away. It stayed for several days. The mother prayed about taking her to the doctor, but an intercessor heard Jesus say to give Him one more day and it would be gone. That evening it was considerably better and by the next day, within the 24 hour period the LORD indicated, it was healed! Thank You Jesus!

January 2019 – A woman with pressure in her head relieved of it in Jesus’ name when an intercessor received a word of healing for her.

January 2019 – A boy listening to the Holy Spirit heard the same word for a woman asking for prayer that someone else had heard earlier that day for her. Thank You Jesus for confirming your word through the testimony of two or three witnesses 🙂

January 2019 – A child who hurt her ankle healed after hands laid on and prayer in Jesus’ name.

January 2019 – A runner having ankle pain so that they couldn’t hardly walk, let alone run, prayed and commanded the pain to leave while they were still running (hopping on one foot as they ran) and then declared the name of Jesus over the ankle and kept running and repeating Jesus’ name until the pain left and the ankle was normal! Amazing God!


December 2018 – Two beautiful souls addicted to drugs and living in sin came to Jesus for help. One of the people was refilled by the Holy Spirit and given a word that confirmed what the LORD had been speaking to him about a place to go out of state with some other believers where he could get discipled away from the “friends” he currently had. The other person was born again, delivered from guilt and shame, totally set free and filled with the Holy Spirit. The power of God was so strong on her, she couldn’t stop shaking and crying and praising the LORD! Thank You Jesus 🙂

December 2018 – A woman was having pain in her left knee. It started at night a while before bed. It was painful to walk and move. She had experienced healing in her knees before and so in the morning by faith prepared to run. She asked an intercessor for prayer. He prayed and by faith, she ran. By the end of the run, the pain was gone. Impossible? Yup! Who runs on a bad knee and it gets better as they go? Only Jesus can do such things! Glory to God!

December 2018 – A young girl lost a paper she needed for school and asked her mother to help her. The mother asked the Holy Spirit where the paper was. He told her it was under the bed. They looked under the bed and there it was under other objects under the bed! Need wisdom? Ask God 🙂

November 2018 – A woman suffered a stroke. The intercessors were led to declare that she would have no effect from it. She came home the next day from the hospital with no effects from the stroke! It was not evident she had ever suffered one. Praise God! Thank You Jesus 🙂

November 2018 – A woman was oppressed since she was at least 3 years old and was now in her 30’s. She lived in constant fear and had many suicidal thoughts. She could see and hear the demons around her. However, enter in Jesus! A couple of believers went to her house, told her the truth of Jesus. She believed, repented, was delivered of all the demons and filled with the Holy Spirit! She said she felt so light! Amen! Jesus removes the heaviness.

November 2018 – A man was having shoulder pain so much so that if he tried to bring a coffee cup to his mouth, he could only get it half way there. He asked for prayer at one of our meeting and was healed after the laying on of hands. He felt heat in the shoulder and the pain left.

October 2018 – A man was nervous about going to a meeting and after the meeting, he asked the LORD how it went. The Holy Spirit said that he took the man’s words and turned them to be exactly what the person he met with needed to hear. Therefore, it was a very successful meeting and of course, his fears were totally unfounded. God is trustworthy!

October 2018 – A man experiencing back pain fought it with the Word of the LORD for a number of weeks until it finally went away. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony! We will never lose if we keep fighting because Jesus never fails.

Fall 2018 – A woman’s knee was healed as she went. She was running and experiencing great pain in her knee. She thought it might break in half it felt so out of place and painful. But, she prayed and declared she was healed in Jesus’ name and kept going. The knee was healed as she went!

October 2018 – Someone felt a cold/sickness coming on them. They prayed but felt no relief and so asked someone else to pray. He prayed and then she heard Father tell her to drink tea. She doesn’t like tea, but she drank it and felt completely well afterwards. Isn’t it amazing how God will heal in so many different way? We must always listen to His voice and never get caught up in a specific way. The Spirit is alive and moving and if we’re following Him, we will be alive and moving too! (John 3)

October 2018 – Someone was in need of a vehicle. They asked for prayer and one of the intercessors saw black. Another intercessor heard the LORD say it will be blue, otherwise it will be red. She went to go purchase the kind of car she had been praying for. It was blue with black interior, but before she could purchase it, someone else bought it. So, then she came back later that night to the dealer and found a red one with black interior! Praise God it was just what He had said would happen!

September 2018 – Someone needed a storage area near them and all the prices were too high for them to be able to afford. They prayed and the LORD led them to an area that was closer than any other area for a fraction of the price of other areas. Thank You God our Provider!

2018 – Someone had tendonitis in their wrist/hand area. It was causing real pain, so she asked for prayer. One of the intercessors heard the Spirit of the LORD say that after we commanded it healed, she was to sleep on it that night with it laying flat under her pillow. She did so and woke up completely healed!

August 2018 – One of our intercessors saw a younger man walking in the mall, pulling one of his feet along. She went up to him and asked him if he had a problem with his foot and if she could pray for him. He was hesitant, but she told him it wouldn’t hurt to let her, so he let her. He sat down and she put her hand on his knee and commanded healing in the name of Jesus. She told the man that Jesus would heal him because He loved him. She told the man to walk on the foot. He did and was amazed! He said it was almost completely better. So she told him that she would pray again because God wanted it completely healed. She prayed again and he was fine. He was just amazed and she kept telling him it was because Jesus loved him. So, then she turned to his friend and asked if he wanted prayer. He refused because he said he was Muslim. She told him that was okay, because Jesus loves Muslims. He still refused, but they had their testimony! Jesus is LORD 🙂

June 2018 – One of our team was hearing that God wanted to give him a dirtbike. He wasn’t sure this was a good word, but it kept coming to him, so he asked a friend to pray about it. She did and she heard that God would bring him the dirtbike, and that it would be blue and white. She asked the LORD if her friend was going to buy it or if God was going to give it to him. Father said it was the same thing. Whether we buy things He tells us to or He instructs someone to give us something, it’s from Him either way. She told her friend what she had heard. He was amazed because all the bikes he was interested in were blue and white. He asked the LORD about why God wanted him to have a dirtbike and Father said it was because this man didn’t feel worthy of it. He had never spent money on himself to such an extent. The LORD also told him he wouldn’t ride it much, but he’d be blessed if he had it. Well, a short time later, this man noticed just the bike he was interested in for sale only 15 minutes from his house. He went and purchased the bike and it was blue and white. He is still learning from the LORD regarding this bike, so there’s more testimony to come.

June 2018 – One of our intercessors heard that God wanted to have small talk with her, not just serious stuff. She had a hard time with that. But finally one day, she sat down and in faith started to talk to the LORD. It was like chit chatting with Him. It was very enjoyable and more like friendship that it had been before. One of the thing she asked the LORD was, “What do you like to do?” He answered that He liked to watch children.

June 2018 – A man needed the day off from work for something the LORD wanted him to do. However, his boss wanted him to come in part way through the day to help him with some work. The man was tempted to get angry, but he decided to trust the LORD and not complain, but pray for something better. So he did. About an hour before he had to go into work on his day off, his boss contacted him and told him not to bother coming in because he had figured out how to do the work on his own. Praise God!

June 2018 – A man was frustrated with a building project. Intercessors were asked to pray. Shortly thereafter, a family member came over to talk a game plan with  him, and his family helped him in the project. The project turned out to be more about relationships than work and God was glorified.

June 2018 – A man’s back went out for no apparent reason as he picked something up. He was prayed for with no relief. Then he decided he would confess the truth that Jesus had healed him, that he was not going to take a long time to heal, etc. He heard the Holy Spirit tell him to jump up. So he did and he jumped and praised the LORD and was healed from his back pain.

June 2018 – One of the young disciples in a small group brought a word from the Holy Spirit after being asked to listen to the LORD and bring a word. She did and it was amazing. It was just what the LORD had been speaking about lately. She heard that we are to be Confident Advocates for the LORD. He wants us to be bold for Him. And then He will be our Faithful Advocate. As we are Confident Advocates, He is Faithful and will back us up!

June 2018 – A believer was very offended at a brother in Christ. She was so offended, she didn’t even want to hold his hand during prayer. The other believers in the group prayed for her. During the night, the Holy Spirit woke her up and directed her to pray for her brother in Christ. She obeyed and in the morning, she was completely free from all offense and anger! She loved him in fact and even to the point of trusting him with something as she left on vacation. A miracle, brought to you by Jesus Christ!

June 2018 – Infectious Disease healed! A mother of a 10 year-old girl called asking for prayer for her daughter who had a very high fever and head pain for four days straight. They were taking her to the emergency room. The intercessors prayed and offered to come and lay hands on the girl for healing. The doctors did testing and the results came back as viral meningitis. They gave her medication, but after 3 1/2 more days, she had not improved. The mother contacted for the intercessors to come and lay hands on her for healing. When they arrived, the Holy Spirit said, “The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” They knew they needed to stand and keep after this until the girl was healed. The Holy Spirit said there was a spirit of infirmity and a lying spirit. So, the intercessors commanded those out and prayed for healing. There seemed to be no improvement, so they kept seeking the LORD and praying accordingly. One of the intercessors heard the girl would sleep and wake up well. The LORD also gave a prophetic word to speak over the girl regarding her destiny. As one of the prayer warriors laid hands on her and spoke the words of the LORD over her, she fell asleep. She woke up briefly, but went to sleep again after they left. When she woke up later, she was well for about an hour. Then her mother contacted the intercessors again because she started getting bad again. They prayed again and that night the girl went to sleep and when she woke up the next morning, she was completely well! There was no fever, no head-ache, no puking, no sickness! Praise God!!!!!

May 2018 – One of our intercessors has always had a contentious relationship with a co-worker. However, one day he saw his co-worker in pain from something to do with his back. He decided he would ask if he could pray for him. He did and the man said he could. His back pain went away and he was amazed. And the whole atmosphere in the work place has since changed for the better!

May 2018 – This is testimony from a mother – This morning my youngest daughter and son were hearing that we were to have church at home. My daughter was insistent and she said she even knew what we were to talk about. She said God wanted us to know that we were to listen to His voice and we were to study the Bible regarding hearing Him. She said that He didn’t want us to be thinking our own thoughts anymore and He wanted us to hear Him about what He was saying and thinking. She said that we needed to stay home and do it because the regular church didn’t teach that stuff. It was totally a rebuke of the church and a firm admonition to us that we would do what God said. She said that we were to each go in separate rooms with our Bibles and ask God to show us in the Psalms about hearing God.

When we came out of our rooms and got together, my dughtera wanted to go first. She basically ran the whole thing. She was definitely in her apostle role all morning. She heard and she was very firm about what she was hearing and what we were to do. She heard Psalm 25 or something and a verse that wasn’t there and then she heard that if it wasn’t there, to go look at Psalm 29:8. It says, “The voice of the LORD shakes the desert…”. She said, “If God has a voice, we can hear Him!” The rest of Psalm 29 is amazing. David writes about the voice of the LORD 7 times in the 11 verses! 
Then my son shared Jeremiah 2:4, which says, “Hear the word of the LORD, O house of Jacob, all you clans of the house of Israel.”
My oldest daughter was being rebellious and I corrected her and threatened to take her phone. My youngest daughter immediately rebuked me and said that God said He was going to correct her and I wasn’t to do it. She also said that God said my oldest daughter would think about what we were talking about and it would take root. She didn’t use those words, but the words she used were Spirit and they were amazing. She was just amazing. 
All of this happened the day after my youngest daughter gave up fear. She had been having allergies really bad. Her eyes were very puffy, red, itchy, and hurting. God said it was fear and she needed to let go of all fear, even in playing a child. She cannot live like she has fear. She likes to be a child and she thought being fearful helped accomplish that. It was subconscious. I talked with her about it and prayed with her to give it up. My friend saw something about her going to do an outside chore alone. Today she did that. She said she started to feel afraid and she said,”No, I’m not afraid,” or something. Today and yesterday were days of great victory for her! Praise You Jesus!

April/May 2018 – A woman was really in need of money to pay for her bills. She had been following the voice of the LORD on what to involve her children in, what to spend money on, etc. However, there just wasn’t enough to pay the bills. She heard to get a job substitute teaching at a certain school. She knew that would never pay the bills and certainly not on time. She also heard Philippians 4:19 regarding God supplying all her needs. She praised the LORD for His provision and signed up to substitute. As soon as she did that, money started to come in. It didn’t come in from her teaching, but from all over the place. It was astonishing and God has provided as she has obeyed His voice.

April 2018 – Here is a testimony from someone… “Over a week or two ago I noticed my head itching in the night and then during the day as I laid down I got up and it looked like a bug had bit me. I had bumps on my body. Then for several nights I would go to sleep and when I woke in the night, my head and body would be itching and bumpy. This would go away eventually each day. I thought I might have body lice or head lice or something. My husband checked my head, but there was nothing there. So, I washed all clothes and bedding in hot water and dried them. Then the next night I went to sleep and woke up with itching again! This time though, the Spirit of God pointed out to me that the itching and bumps were in the places that my body was hot. I realized this must be some sort of heat-induced hives. So, I researched in the middle of the night and read about something called heat hives. The symptoms there were exactly what I was experiencing. As soon as I cooled off, the hives would leave and the itching stop. Well, I didn’t want this – they’re incurable of course. You can only treat them. So, I prayed and had someone else listen to the Holy Spirit with me. God said these heat hives were coming because I was suppressing anger. I would get angry and I wouldn’t act on it, but I would suppress it. Jesus said He wanted me to cast my anger onto Him (cast your cares on Him). So, I did just that. It was a simple prayer. I repented and gave Him my anger. It has been many days and nights since then and I’ve not had heat hives again! When I start to get angry now, I give it to Jesus instead of repressing it. God says be angry and don’t sin. Well, that means don’t keep it either. Give it to Jesus. He willingly takes everything for us – anger and hives! Halleluiah! Jesus is the Healer! Thank You Jesus!”

April 2018 – A woman was prayed for long distance who said she had a sore throat. Same day she was healed and had no other sickness come, no cold, flu, etc. Praise Jesus!

A mom had to take two of her children to the eye doctor. So she prayed for them to be healed. Her son, who had been wearing glasses for two years, had to get new lenses because his eyes had significantly improved! Her daughter was told she was very nearsighted. It’s what the machine had said and she had been told the last visit that she would probably need glasses soon. However, the mom laid hands on her and prayed again and the doctor checked her out without the machine and found she had 20/20 vision! Go Jesus!!

A man came to us to seek help in freedom from anxiety and doubt about his salvation, even though he was currently attending seminary. The Holy Spirit gave us words for this man, and Jesus set him free from anxiety. We told him about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He said he wanted it, so we baptized him in the Holy Spirit and he went away greatly built up, freed, encouraged, and with a light in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. Then, several weeks later, he brought us to a woman he worked for who needed help. She was suffering from not being able to eat very man things. She had allergies and sensitivities, etc. Flying in a plane would always cause distress in her body and she needed to fly for her business. So, Jesus delivered her from fear and healed her. Then He baptized her in His Holy Spirit. She came to us about a month later and was so happy because each day she wakes up in freedom. If the devil brings her a thought that she’s not healed or tries to bring symptoms of sickness again, she says that she just looks at Jesus and it all goes away! She’s not only been healed and delivered, but has continued to fight the fight of faith! If we resist the devil, he WILL flee from us! Halleluiah!

2017 – Again we’ve not been updating the website with testimonies, but here are some to encourage and build your faith!

A woman we saw limping as she walked. We asked if we could pray for her and found that she had an issue with her hip for 5 years and her feet were injured now because of it. We laid hands on her and prayed as the Holy Spirit directed. She was improved instantly! She couldn’t put her sock on earlier in the day and was able to lift her leg up high enough to do so. She was walking without a limp as we left. Praise God!

A woman who was in her 60’s had been saved since she was 12, but struggled with anger and unforgiveness and bitterness. She had depression and high blood pressure and diabetes. She came in for prayer. We led her in forgiveness and baptized her in the Holy Spirit. She instantly changed. She was crying for love for the people she once hated. She was healed of depression and diabetes and high blood pressure. The anger left her. She flushed her pills down the toilet and didn’t take them again! She had been on Prozac for 9 years, which is evidently impossible to just quit cold turkey. But, that doesn’t matter to Jesus. 🙂 Our LORD is so good! Praise God! She went on Moody radio and gave her testimony of healing and freedom. She also went in front of her church and testified to what Jesus had done for her, singing boldly – Victory in Jesus!

A young girl healed of a headache. 

A menstrual cycle stopped when it came too early.

People delivered from fear and able to rest in God, trusting Him and believing Him!

A drug addict delivered. He tried to do cocaine after being delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit. He was unable to get high! The drugs had no effect on him. God has delivered him and called him. Thank You Jesus!

Knees in intense pain healed.

Spring/Summer 2016 (There’s so many more, but we just haven’t been writing them down. So sorry! But may your faith be raised reading these!)

A woman set free from shame that plagued her for about 40 years at least and caused her to see things skewed. She keeps praising God for setting her free!

A woman who hears God and obeys Him has been trying to enter the secret place (see Psalm 91), but hasn’t been able to. God gave an intercessor a word for her to lead her in. He did it and she entered in. She heard God call her “My child” and tell her He’s always there waiting for her. She had been striving to enter in to be with her Father and how easy it was without striving! This has been a great answer to prayer for her.

Someone delivered from alcoholism. It was wreaking their home, marriage, etc. They had tried AA, Pine Rest, lots of other things. However, the Lord told us it would take two sessions. It did. This person was delivered with just two sessions of prayer and they did NOT have to go through detox. For anyone who has done detox, you know what a big deal that is. Go Jesus!

Someone dealing with chest pain was healed immediately. They even tried to see if they could breathe differently to see if it would come back and it wouldn’t. Ha ha!

A homeschool mom was wondering how she would pay for things her children needed for school. She prayed and told the LORD He was her provider. The first thing she needed was an expensive calculator. She went online and looked at several places that sold this particular calculator. She kept hearing “Best Buy” in her spirit, so she went to that site and went through the process of buying it, even though it probably wasn’t the cheapest place. When she entered her credit card information, the computer informed her that her credit card points worked at Best Buy and she had more than enough points to get the calculator free! She got a $126 calculator for free because she followed the voice of the Holy Spirit. Go God! Thank You Holy Spirit 🙂 The very next day she was told that at least one of her children would be receiving gymnastics lessons for free, and probably all three would. Oh God, you’re good 🙂

Another testimony came in where a man decided years ago he would not allow any of his paycheck to go to United Way because they support abortion and Planned Parenthood. For years he has stood his ground. This past week his boss told him everyone in their department had to attend an event with United Way. He said there was no way he was going to do it. His boss got upset and the man wondered if it would compromise his job. However, he stood his ground, much like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. We prayed and the very next day his boss apologized to him and said he did not have to attend the meeting. There was even respect for this man who had stood in righteousness. Wow!

August 2015

A sore throat in a man was healed right after prayer.

A man complained of a headache. He said it got worse after we commanded it to leave. That’s usually a sign that there’s a demon present. So, we asked the Holy Spirit how to pray. He showed us and we broke that off the man and he was well! The demons bow in Jesus’ name! Halleluiah!

A young girl suddenly felt sick and couldn’t stand up. She got very pale. We prayed and rebuked the sickness and after a short time, she was completely fine and dancing around the house! Thank You Jesus 🙂

A single mother needed rent by Monday. She had a shift to work at a restaurant Monday night. So we called for the miraculous. She said it was the busiest Sunday night she ever had there. It was busier than the previous Friday night and she made her rent payment with $7 to spare!

A sore throat was healed completely within minutes after commanding it to go in the name of Jesus!

July 2015

After months of warring for healing, a foot is almost completely pain free (bone spur, tendon pain, water-retention) and through it all, the person has not let up on any activity on the foot despite the pain. God is totally healing it!

A girl had some of her fingers on one hand wrapped up. She had injured them pretty badly. One of our intercessors asked to pray for her. She eagerly agreed. She went home and took the wrap off her fingers to find there was no more injury or pain! Go Jesus 🙂 And to add to the wonder of it all, she didn’t tell the intercessor that she was healed for a couple of weeks. However, a prophet told this intercessor that the girl needed to remember God’s previous healing in her life (healed of a concussion) and that very day the girl testified of God’s healing in her life without any prompting! Just amazing …

A 7-year-old girl was given a small vial of oil as a gift to anoint people with oil when she prayed for them. She asked if she could anoint herself with oil. Her mother told her – of course she could! Well, this girl had a sore in her mouth that had been there for days and stung. She anointed herself with oil and shortly thereafter realized the sore was no longer bothering her! Jesus, praise You for healing for the faith of a child. 

June 2015

A woman had a boil (or boils) on her stomach. It was painful to eat, and even painful to drink water. The Lord revealed that she needed to repent of anxiety (a spirit of fear). She did and was prayed for that night. The next morning she still had some pain even though she hadn’t eaten. So, hands were laid on her again for healing and she went home and ate and had no pain! She is still pain free several days later! The boil is gone and so is the afflicting spirit. This is truly a miraculous healing. Thank You Jesus!

May 2015

Someone asked for prayer that they would no longer need pills they had been taking for a long time. They went in for testing and it showed that the pills were no longer needed!

A woman’s knee was inflamed and painful. She asked for prayer and continued walking on it, etc. It improved right away and kept improving until it was pain free two days later!

Someone’s right leg was giving them trouble. They had pain and could not stretch nearly as far as they were normally able to do. Immediately after the laying on of hands, they were able to stretch completely and the pain was gone! Halleluiah Jesus 🙂

Someone’s back was hurting. She called in for prayer. Shortly afterwards the pain left!

A man was being rushed to the hospital for a heartattack. One of us was shown what to pray by the Holy Spirit. The doctors could find nothing wrong with the man exactly according to the prayer offered! Wow!!!

A young girl wants us to add this praise report: she prayed her bandaid would come off without pain (smoothly) and it did! She was very relieved 🙂

A child saw a demon in her bedroom. She was very scared. She was instructed in rebuking it in Jesus’ name. The next time it came, she rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it left! She was filled with boldness instead of fear because the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind! Praise God 🙂

A man was suffering from a dislocated jaw. He couldn’t open his mouth to even eat very well. He asked for prayer. The Lord said it would be healed soon and within about an hour, his jaw suddenly cracked and was back in place with no pain! Jesus reigns!

A praise came in this month from a girl who said last year she was afraid and went to her parents’ room to sleep. She was laying there and heard God tell her that when she awoke she would find an angel feather near her pillow as a sign that God was always with her. She went to sleep, awoke in the morning and there was a feather lying on her sleeping bag!


A woman’s knee was having stabbing pain. She called in for prayer and was healed that very morning!

A woman’s toe was very painful after being in the cold for so long. She called in for prayer and was healed.


A sore throat left after prayer and a should was healed instantly after the laying on of hands.


Praise Report – God is the perfect chiropractor! He aligned a woman’s legs right in front of our eyes.

A man emailed in with a headache this morning. A prayer warrior saw the LORD’ s hand wiping it away, so that’s what we declared and he emailed back that the headache is gone. Thank You Jesus! Our God rocks!


Praising God with a man who found a great home for his family! Our group had given him several “Words” which encouraged and uplifted him during his search. God is good, and right on time….


Praise Report from 6-16-14 – a woman healed of a scratchy throat and a boy healed of a stuffy nose. Thank You Jesus

June 2014

A woman asked for prayer over the phone for her lower back and her neck. They were bothering her so much it hurt to stand. Her neck started feeling better right away and by morning was completely well. Her back was completely well by the time she hung up the phone. Praise God!


Praise Report came in this morning: Did you know Jesus can heal allergies too? A man asked for prayer for allergies / sinuses and it started clearing up that very day!


Praise Report – this morning a man emailed in a prayer request for a headache and it left right after prayer! thank You Jesus


Praise Reports from the past few weeks end of April and beginning of May –
* Someone with sinus drainage was able to sleep all night without all the coughing that can cause.
* A woman’s cycle restored to four weeks after months of irregularity.
* Child’s itchy eyes healed
* Child with hives all over his body for no known reason healed after prayer. This was amazing to witness!!!
* A woman beat down by life and attacks from the enemy greatly encouraged after prayer. So encouraged she was still gushing a week later. Go GOD!
* Prophetic words confirmed.
* Supernature love given.
Thank You Jesus 


A woman we’ve been praying for who is a single mother with an ex-husband who doesn’t make life easy for her owed child support to this man. She makes so little money that she not only owed back child support, current child support and about 7 years of future child support. Yesterday (April 18), The Lord moved this man’s heart to tell the woman he would sign off all child support. She urgently called for prayer that he would not change his mind. We prayed and that same day, he went to the court with her (complaining the whole way), but signed the papers. She shoved the signed papers under the glass quickly and guided her ex-husband out of there. He is in confusion as to why he would do something like that, but we know why! Jesus is Lord! She is completely debt free regarding child support for that child! Praise the LORD!!!


Last week a young girl came to SGG for prayer regarding flu-symptoms. We laid hands on her and the Holy Spirit showed us how to pray and she was healed. This same girl this morning woke up with a headache. She told her mother that she told the headache to leave in the name of Jesus and it left right then! Praise be to God 

A child was suffering from blood in her stool. The Lord showed an intercessor that a spirit was causing it. We cast that spirit out and she has had no trouble since that moment! Thank You Jesus! (As a side note that may be helpful to some people, the Lord also revealed that this same spirit had been traveling down the family line. This is what is called a “generational curse” or a “familiar spirit.” These need to be broken off/cast out for healing to occur. Not every sickness is from an unclean spirit, but many are. That’s why Jesus had to cast out so many demons before people were healed. He went around “healing all those who were oppressed of the devil.”)


Praise report: Word of knowledge confirmed, and prayers from last night were answered! Today a man who had been waiting for a job interview a long time now has one scheduled! And it is for the position that he most wanted too! Praising God with him, and praying for favor as he is interviewed!

Praise Report: A man called in with cold symptoms and asked for healing prayer. Prayer was offered and he was completely healed! Thank You Jesus!


A woman asked for prayer last night because she strained her back lifting. She said it was painful to sit, or lie down, etc. This morning, she reported that the pain is completely gone and she went out and shoveled! Thank You Jesus!


A torn knee healed after prayer! Sickness (fever, etc.) healed after prayer! A man needing wisdom regarding work, receives direction from The Lord!


Someone set free from fear tonight! God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind! Thank You Jesus!


Warts left after laying on of hands and a family sick with the flu healed after prayer! Jesus reigns


Someone with a bad headache and the chills on the inside of the body called in for prayer. One of our intercessors prayed in Jesus’ name and called for the door to that sickness to close. Today’s report – nothing left of the illness. It left last night! Halleluiah Jesus! Thank You LORD


Tonight a man healed of a headache after laying on of hands and also . . . a woman gave her life to Christ!!!!!!!!


A woman was healed of an injured wrist within one day! Praise the LORD!


Someone having trouble sleeping asked for prayer. It was getting to the point where they were only sleeping a few hours a night. The Lord revealed a spiritual attack and gave wisdom on how to pray to the prayer warrior. He prayed in the way indicated and the person was able to sleep all night last night! They are very grateful to the LORD for His strong deliverance!


Someone was feeling ill and sent over a prayer request . . . Here’s what happened:
“You know, I felt great yesterday afternoon and through the night! I knew you prayed! [My husband] left about 3:30 and shortly after that I started getting up and doing stuff around the house. I ate a good meal and was waiting to see how I felt, but I prayed the Lord would intercede through you, and YES! HE did! So, thank you!! Praise GOD!!”

She had faith and God delivered! Blessed be the LORD


A couple reports came in this morning, one from someone facing an upcoming medical test….suddenly felt great calm and peace as we prayed for them last night. Someone else felt very sick last night……we prayed…..she feels good this morning! Praising the LORD with both of these prayer warriors!!!


A woman from our meetings met someone else from SGG this morning who asked her how her shoulder was. But wait a minute, she hadn’t told him her shoulder was hurting. Guess the Lord wanted to heal her and He did! Praise You Lord for words of knowledge and healing in Christ Jesus


A report came this morning of a man who had a very sore knee, he could hardly walk. An intercessor prayed and laid on hands, as she was doing this she could feel “stuff” was moving around in his knee. After the prayer, the man could walk normally with no pain! Praise God! He is good!!!


word came this morning that a woman who had been suffering from a cough due to dripping in the sinuses, back of the throat area was healed. She sent a request last night to an intercessor who prayed and the woman slept well without coughing. Halleluiah Jesus


A woman suffering a sore throat for almost two weeks was healed after hands were laid on her and healing declared in the name of Jesus! Go Jesus!!!


A woman with a VERY badly broken wrist gave a praise report today that after prayer, her doctor said her recovery was nothing short of miraculous. Praise You Jesus – our Healer!


Word came in today that a woman we prayed for a week or two ago has been miraculously healed! She had foot surgery and one of her toes was turning black. The doctors said they may need to amputate it if it continued. She said she needed a miracle. That’s what we prayed and that’s what God gave her. The toe is pink now and alive! Jesus is the giver of all life 🙂 Halleluiah!


The neighbor of one of our intercessors was using a saw outside the bedroom window of this woman and her husband when they wanted to go to sleep. She prayed that he would stop and he did! She was still struggling to sleep, so she emailed someone to pray, he did, and she slept. Praise God!


A woman asked for prayer for sleep. One of our intercessors prayed a very short prayer and she slept very well.

October 26 & 27

The Lord showed one of our intercessors in a dream that He was going to bring two strongholds to light and to pray for them to be revealed. These strongholds were shown as two tornadoes in her dream. The Lord brought these to the open and brought deliverance! Jesus is LORD!

October 2013

A man, a woman, and a child all laid hands on each other for deliverance/healing from warts. They have all been healed!


Praise updates – we’ve haven’t updated praises lately. Sorry about that! There’s a lot, but here’s a few more recent ones that have come in. . . to God be the glory!
Knee pain in one woman healed after the laying on of hands and prayers of the saints. 10-5-13
Last month a marriage totally restored to better than ever!
Freedom from spiritual attacks against several people.
There’s more, so if those of you who have testimonies want to let me know, I’ll include them. 


Last night a woman came into the meeting having a difficult time walking because of an injury in her knee. We prayed with no difference, so we listened to the Holy Spirit again and someone got a word of knowledge regarding her knee. That person prayed and we laid hands on her again for healing. This time, the pain left, she was able to walk and she said she felt warmth in her knee – a sign of God’s healing touch. Praise Jesus! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!


A professor called in a prayer request this morning. She had great concern over someone she ministered to that wanted to harm other people. Despite this concern, she needed to teach with clarity. We prayed for her and this is her testimony this afternoon:

“I don’t think I have ever taught more clearly and concisely without any anxiety! Great is our God!! The Mighty One!!”


A young child complained of stomach pain all day the 8th of September. Hands were laid on her and a word of knowledge given that this would pass through. She woke up the next morning excited because Jesus had healed her. There was no more pain!


A woman felt like her left leg was out of the hip socket slightly and it was causing pain to walk. She asked for prayer and this is what an intercessor received for her: “In the spirit realm I lay my hand on [her] left hip and simply say “be healed” in Jesus’ name. I see the Father moving your back and hips into alignment, and healing a nerve, causing inflammation to be healed. It looks like it’s rotating to the right and this will ease the pain in your knee on the other side too. Praise the LORD!!!! Amen!” This is what happened and now she is healed! 


A man having cold symptoms – headache, runny nose, etc. asked for prayer. The Lord showed him he should eat an apple in faith. He did and was healed! Jesus is the Healer! 


Spirit of criticism exposed and broken in people’s lives tonight in the name of Jesus!


A woman was having pain in her knees. It was hurting her to get up from a sitting position and the knees had almost given out on her that day (yesterday). She is a runner. As people laid hands on her knees for healing, she could see Jesus and He was happy that she was running and told her to run for Him. Those praying for her were also given words and pictures from the Lord to pray. After they prayed, the pain was gone and she ran today without pain! Jesus is our Healer 🙂


A woman was experiencing a headache in the front of her head off and on for a couple of days. One of our prayer warriors listened and the Lord said it was stress related. She repented of stressing instead of resting in Christ. The prayer warrior broke off the stress in Jesus’ name, and she was set free. No more pain! And . . . she now is resting in Christ, Who carries our burdens. We only need to look to Him and He’ll take care of the rest. That’s what He means when He tells us to seek His kingdom first and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto us. Praise the LORD!


Praise Report – A ten year old girl was having pain in her ankle/foot area. Her mother laid hands on her, but it still hurt. So, she grabbed hold of the little Charles Capps book that leads you in speaking healing scripture over yourself. She did that – she spoke Scripture over herself in faith and was healed!!!!!! Praise the LORD 


The Lord showed one of our intercessors to lay hands on a woman’s back for healing. The intercessor didn’t know the woman’s back hurt until she asked if she could touch her back. Then the woman said it had been hurting. The intercessor laid hands on her back and God healed it! Halleluiah!


Prayed for a man last night whose feet have been hurting for weeks. He emailed a praise report today that he ran pain-free today. Jesus reigns!


Person delivered from a python spirit that was choking and causing asthma symptoms. Jesus reigns! (For those unfamiliar with spirits, a python spirit acts like its name. Note: not all asthma is caused by this spirit, but the point is that everything is under the feet of Jesus and when a spirit is cast out, people are healed!)


The mother of a sick child gave this report – 
the doctors and nurses were saying that her son was a very sick boy. His condition was very poor I guess. She says that she has never seen her son make a turnaround this fast. Today it was like nothing was wrong. God is so good……and our prayers last night were powerful and effective!!!!! I guess the people there are surprised by the turnaround too.


A woman who came from prayer was freed from control, pride, and unforgiveness. She walked away a new woman, thanks to Jesus!

A young lady was set free from anger in the name of Jesus.

Testimony from last night’s meeting from another believer: “Wow, wow and WOW! Last night was awesome!! I am still feeling freedom, today! On fire! Praising God as I go through this day, for all He has done and continues to do in all of us! Thank you, to all of you, for being there! Glory to God!! Woooo-hooo!”


A man was stabbed in the eye with a small toy. He went to the emergency room and they said it was a cut. He was given drops for infection, but there was pain in the eye. We laid hands on the eye the next day and received this email afterwards:

“There is no pain in my left eye today, I woke up with no pain at 2 am!!! Isn’t that cool?? Praise the LORD, that was really bothering me yesterday!! Thanks for praying! “

God You are good 🙂 Praise belongs to You O LORD! Jesus reigns!


Three baptisms in the Holy Spirit in one night, as well as alignment in the back, legs, and arms of several people. Halleluiah Jesus!


A woman with an allergic reaction to something asked for prayer and the itching left. Praise God! Jesus is the Healer.

March 2013

One baptism in the Holy Spirit tonight! 


A woman with nerve pain in her hip / leg area asked for prayer. The LORD grew her left leg out to match the length of the right one. Go God!


A girl with pain in her knees (a great athlete) had the pain for 2 1/2 months. We prayed and she said the pain was gone! Halleluiah!!


Laid hands on a boy with purple toes (seemingly poor circulation or something). His feet were very cold to the touch. By the time the prayer was over, his feet had left sweat marks on the floor!! Amazingly fast miraculous healing! Thank You Jesus!

Prayed for woman’s feet and the pain left. Praising God 🙂


A woman taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen for a tooth was prayed for today and the pain left! Praise God!


Prayed for a man with pain in his lower back. It left! Praise God!


A report came in today: We had been praying for the husband of one of our prayer warriors’ sisters. He is now attending church regularly. Here is a quote:  “He initiates prayer with her.  When she was up in the night upset, he told her, ‘We need to pray about this.’  Her daughter is going with her regularly now, too.  It’s wonderful.” 

Christ is Born AND Christ is Risen! Amen! Halleluiah!


A young girl had been afflicted with pain and recurring sicknesses. The Lord prompted her mother to fast on this day (the 23rd) and then gave this Scripture through another prayer warrior who didn’t know she had been led to fast: Ezra 8:21-31. (Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions. For I was ashamed to request of the king an escort of soldiers and horsemen to help us against the enemy on the road, because we had spoken to the king, saying, “The hand of our God is upon all those for good who seek Him, but His power and His wrath are against all those who forsake Him. So we fasted and entreated our God for this, and He answered our prayer.)  Faith rose up in this mother when she read this Scripture. She anointed her daughter and commanded the spirits who were bothering her to leave and the pain left the little girl! Then the mother anointed the home in Jesus’ name. His blood is a covering for us and we bless Him and thank Him for His great sacrifice!


We got a report today that a woman we prayed for regarding Glaucoma was healed! She saw her doctor (a specialist) today about it. Jesus You are awesome! Also, today as a prayer warrior prayed, Jesus lifted excessive weariness off another woman. Jesus reigns!


A man went Christmas shopping for his wife. He found what he was looking for, but thought it was too expensive. However, he went to buy it anyway. Turns out it was on sale and the lady in front of him offered him her 25% off coupon. We think God doesn’t care about the little things, but He does. He loves to bless His children. Thank You Father!


Hands laid on a foot tonight that had been hurting for over a month, and the pain left tonight. Jesus is the healer! The Lord also aligned this same person’s legs right in front of us, moving the legs to evenness, at which point a pain in the hip, leg area released. Praise God!


A child suffering from hiccups was prayed over, and as we sang praises to Jesus, they left. It seems like such a simple thing and hardly worth praying about, but God is interested in all of it, and we have authority in the name of Jesus over even the seemingly “small” things like hiccups. Thank You Jesus!


A sore throat left after prayer!


Today we got a report from a woman who came for prayer regarding macular degeneration (an eye disorder that means the eyes are basically dying). We laid hands on her and the Lord Jesus healed her. She has no signs of it whatsoever! Bless God! Thank You Jesus!


Last night we laid hands on a woman with a very sore achilles’ tendon in her right foot/ankle and a hurt knee on the same leg. God grew out the left leg to match the length of the right one right in front of us and by this morning, her knee was completely better and the foot only had minimal pain. Thank You Jesus!

Also same night we laid hands on a man with bruised ribs. By this morning his ribs were 90% better and he even forgot about the pain throughout the day they were so much better. Thank You so much Father!


A young boy read the Lord’s Prayer over his sister as a prayer to stop her hiccups. They stopped as he prayed! He’s only 7! The hiccups came back twice during the day and each time hands were laid on her and someone prayed the Lord’s Prayer over her again, and each time, they stopped! God is mighty to save and watches to see that His word is performed. Awesome God!


Praise report from a woman we prayed for last night regarding attacks of anger: 

It (today) was just so different!  The Lord has taken away and or put up (a) shield between me and the smoldering rage that had accompanied stress and frustration.  The normal stuff still comes up, of course, but the compulsion to well up with rage even fury just wasn’t there and today still isn’t.  Praise the Him and the power of His Name, Jesus Christ!…Totally: PRINCE of Peace, Defender.

Thank you all for praying and praying boldly!


We praise God because pain left a woman’s feet as we prayed for her!  We also laid hands on another person desiring to go off reflux medication. She is doing amazingly well and says she sleeps all the night through with no trouble. Bless God! We continue to lift her up before the throne of grace! This is the second person we’ve seen go off reflux medication this year. God is so amazing!


A ministry was having strife and contention between its’ leaders. They asked for prayer and God took care of everything! They are in unity again. Bless God!


A man with itching legs called in a request. As soon as he did, the itching stopped! Glory to God who sees faith and loves to respond to it!


The LORD granted favor for a woman who needed a variance changed in a piece of property she was selling. This particular township was known for NOT granting such requests, but it’s such an opportunity that brings even more glory to the name of Jesus!


The Lord opened doors for a young man who needed a home. Praise You Father! 


Woman felt bump on her ear and laid her own hand on it and cursed it. She felt it leave while her hand was there. Praise Jesus!


We prayed for a woman regarding pain in her feet (plantar faciaitis). She reported the right foot as pain free the next morning and the left as considerably better. We had also prayed for this request the Wednesday before at SGG and she felt power in her feet during that prayer time. Then she sent an email saying, “Left foot is pain free!!! Praise God!!! Oh my Goodness!!!”


A boy woke up with a croupy cough. They listened and prayed over him accordingly, etc. and now it’s gone totally!! Praise God 🙂


A member of SGG prayed over herself regarding a pain in her left side / hip / leg area. She didn’t want to sleep with pain like that, and there was no one to pray over her, so she did it herself. She asked for it to go as she slept and for angelic assistance to help. When she woke up, the pain was all gone!


A man had pain and was set free over a period of 3 days of prayer. This is his request: I have a pain in my lower stomach, below the belly button and toward my left hip. Hurts when I laugh or cough, and when I push on that area. We prayed for perhaps 3 days and then it left. Praise God!

August 2012

A man on medication for heartburn for years was set free from all heartburn, no longer needing medication. This was a battle, and took more than one prayer, but God is faithful. Jesus is LORD!


Prayed Friday night for a families’ provision. Here is an email from the mother today:

Hi all, I just got back from Anneta’s Thrift shop. I found 2 pairs of jeans for [my son], 3 pairs for me and 6 bottoms for [my daughter]!!!! All for 16 $$ !  The cashier knows us and gave us an extra discount. GOD bless her! Just wanted to shout this out to you, because we just talked and prayed about this Friday.Yay!! 😀 Talk to you all soon (Oh and thank you for the prayers )


A member of SGG gave a prophecy over a woman that she would encourage her sister on Thursday. This is a message from the woman who was prophesied over. The prophecy came on a Wednesday night and was for a Thursday.

Hi, I talked to my sister yesterday. Remember when [SGG member] had a prophecy of my sister needing encouragement?? Well, she had a tall dark figure standing by her bed a few nights ago. She didn’t tell me right away, so I think this is it.We both prayed over the phone. I asked GOD to show us what this was. I heard it was a demon, spirit of death. She felt right away that it was true. She was terrified! We rebuked and gave GOD glory. I asked if I could share with you all and she said yes, absolutely. She asked for prayers. She is struggling, but knows the truth of GOD’s protection. WOW!! I told her about [SGG member’s] prophecy and that really helped her feel better, too. I can forward your prayers to her, if you see fit to email me back with them. Better yet I will read them to her later tonight! Thank you so much and Glory to GOD in the highest!!

God is awesome! He cares so much about His children that He tells us ahead of time what will happen that we may be prepared and see His great love for us.


SGG leader felt led to have us sing “Let It Rain” by Jesus Culture. We prayed for spiritual and physical rain. Next morning it was raining!! It rained a long time a slow, steady rain, just like the ground needed. It’s been drought conditions for a long time. Praise God! A miracle for sure!


Prayed for woman at small group regarding eating. She had celiac (sp?), Irritable Bowel Syndrom, and reflux. She started eating normally that night. As of the next Wednesday, she was only still taking her reflux pills and we prayed against that again on Wednesday.

June 29, 2012 Rebuked cold symptoms in a man. They were gone by the same evening!

June 28, 2012 Prayed last week Wednesday for a woman’s cyst on her hand. By this week Wednesday she noticed that it was gone and that it hadn’t bothered her all week. Praise God!

June 15, 2012

A woman had hiccups all day off and on. Sent SGG member an email. He prayed within about 4-6 minutes. During that same time, the woman strengthened herself in the LORD, felt faith and strongly rebuked the hiccups. They stopped immediately! They tried to come back later that night, but rebuked them again and they stopped immediately again. Praise God! Jesus reigns! Hiccups seem like a small thing, but God cares even about the seemingly small things.

Week of June 4 – We’ve been praying against a planter’s wart on a child’s foot that has been there for a looooong time (months if not a year). One member of SGG was praying on the bike trail and heard to pinch it off. So he did in the Spirit and threw it away. Within days, the thing was gone!! It left a crater on the girl’s foot and there was a baby one underneath it that fell out the next day. Now the crater is practically filled in (week of June 17). Totally filled in shortly after that.

Same time on the bike trail, this believer saw to pass a screen through the girl’s poison ivy. He did and the poison ivy was also healed that same week almost immediately stopped itching, etc. Amazing God!


9-year-old girl woke up sick with a head ache and stomach hurt. The mother prayed and gave medication. Saw no difference. Emailed SGG member to pray and then after a while they went to Rez for last day of Victorious Women and homeschool classes. A SGG attendee was there and both women laid hands on the girl and prayed. Felt the Holy Spirit. Sat girl against a wall for a few minutes. Came back to young girl and she was feeling well enough that she wanted her mother to bring her to the gym for the movie. By the time the movie was done, she was great – like she had never been sick before! When the mother got home she checked her email and a believer had a word from God that this young girl would be healed as she went (to church – during church). Totally happened!! Praise God!! Thank You Jesus!

February 2012

Man at SGG member’s work- healed of a damaged meniscus in his knee miraculously. Doctor’s confirmation there through MRI.

January 14, 2011

A young girl (Just turned age 3)  picked up a hand weight at the BC Rec Center and as she tried to bring it above her head, she toppled over, the weight hit her in the head and on the hand. It put a dent in her forehead and her hand turned black and blue and dark dark purple right away. The mother took her to another room and prayed. She felt the HS on her and she told the injury to reverse itself. The child was crying super hard. They went home and the mother laid down by her for a bit and when they got up and she looked at her hand, she couldn’t even tell which hand was hurt! As she looked closer, she could see a little very light bruise on one hand and her head, which had swelled after it dented, was better too! Amazing recovery at the hand of Jesus!

January 2011 – A SGG member had a very sensitive tooth in the back of her mouth (on the bottom). This is her testimony: I knew it was a cavity, and I grimaced every time I drank water. Well, in one of Clint Herrema’s books, he gave a testimony about how he fasted one day and persuaded his heart in the truth as he reminded himself of testimonies of God’s power and as he spoke the word over himself. By the end of the work day, he was healed. So, I thought I’d do the same thing. I didn’t fast because I had fasted the weekend prior, but I took a Tuesday to speak God’s word and remind myself of how He heals. I even asked God in the morning for a scripture that told me He would heal my tooth and He gave me “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”! This is amazing. This means Jesus gave His eyes for my eyes and His teeth for my teeth! Then the next day was Seeking God and I had those people pray too. The next Tuesday was my dentist appt and I still was experiencing some sensitivity by the Monday before, so I kept speaking truth and speaking over my tooth and when I went in Tuesday, there was no cavity, the sensitivity was really small and by the end of the day pretty much was gone!! Now it is the end of the week and my tooth has no sensitivity. It is healed!

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