If you have never believed and confessed Jesus as your Savior and Lord and would like to do it, we would like to offer this prayer for you to pray. Please remember this is a serious commitment. This is not a mental consent, but a deep heart belief that Jesus is Savior and Jesus is Lord. There is no other name under heaven by which we may be saved.

Heavenly Father,

I confess that I have lived for myself and right now I desire to live for you. I believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God and the Savior of the world. I believe your Word is Truth and I desire to live by it. So, today (fill in date), I confess Jesus as my Lord and Savior and I renounce all deeds of darkness. I desire to live for you and not myself.

Thank you, Lord. My life is complete in You!
Congratulations! The Word says there is rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents! We now encourage you to be filled with the Holy Spirit as in the book of Acts and to join with other brothers and sisters in Christ through a local church body who believe the full gospel message.


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